EIWC 2016 - Date  : 26 May 2016 - 29 May 2016 | Location  : Country Estate Earl of Hardenberg - 37176 Nörten-Hardenberg, Germany


CAC Show

For all Sighthound and Mediterranean Breeds

(FCI Group 10 & FCI Group 5)

1. DWZRV Sieger-Ausstellung 2016 / Sunday, 29. May 2016

We are very proud to announce the Judge’s Panel at the CAC Show on Sunday.

Thank you to Gretchen Bernardi, Ingrid Krah-Heiermann, Jan Pain, Chris Amoo, Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich and Günter vom Lehn for accepting our invitation.

We all look forward to the upcoming event.



Gretchen Bernardi / USA

Kennel: Berwyck

Irish Wolfhound Females


Intermediate Class / Champion Class / Working Class / Open Class




Ingrid Krah-Heiermann / GER

Kennel: High on Emotion


Azawakh, Barsoi, Chart Polski, Galgo Espanõl, Italian Greyhound, Taigan,

Pharaoh Hound, Cirneco dell’Etna, Podenco Canario, Podenco Ibicenco, Podenco Portuguès, Podenco Andaluz, Kritikos Lagonikos






Jan Pain / GB

Kennel: Ravensbeech







Chris Amoo / GB

Kennel Sadé


Afghan Hound

Irish Wolfhound Males


Intermediate Class / Champion Class / Working Class / Open Class






Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich / GER

Kennel: Tahuara`s


Deerhound, Greyhound, Magyar Agár, Saluki, Sloughi



Günter vom Lehn / GER

Kennel: vom Othetal

Irish Wolfhound Males and Females


Veteran Class / Minor Puppy Class / Puppy Class / Junior Class




Bernd Münstermann / GER

Kennel: d`el Macao


Silken Windsprite

Gretchen Bernardi / USA

Kennel: Berwyck


From the day my first dog came to me from Ohio in 1969 and right through our last litter, this breed has been an integral part of my life, because, to put it simply, I love Irish Wolfhounds…all Irish Wolfhounds.


In those 46 years I have had the good fortune to own, breed and show some very nice dogs and, even more rewarding, have had the pleasure of seeing dogs that come down from my breeding doing well in the show ring, especially in specialty competition here and abroad. Last year, a Berwyck dog was in the first or second generation of many of the top placing dogs.

But any success I have had in my own breeding program is due in large part to the breeders who shared their good dogs with me early on, and the breeders who more recently chose dogs of mine to include in their own programs. For that I will always be grateful. I continue to honor the achievements of those who came before us.



In 2011, the American Kennel Club named me Hound Breeder of the Year, which was especially gratifying to me, since I have, from the beginning, been far more a breeder than an exhibitor.


Over 25 years ago I authored and funded Longevity and Morbidity in the Irish Wolfhound, a study which remains valid today and has been translated into several languages and cited in hundreds of scientific papers.


But the greatest pleasure I have had is being able to host my fellow enthusiasts and their hounds at the Locust Grove annual event for the last 35 years. In the years that I have lived with Irish Wolfhounds, I have tried hard to keep two principles foremost in my mind. First, to leave this wonderful breed in at least as good a shape as I found it. Second, to always give credit to the great breeders who came before me and whose dogs live on in our present-day pedigrees.


I look forward to meet you all at the EIWC Congress 2016 in Germany.


Ingrid Krah-Heiermann / GER

Kennel: High on Emotion


When I was a child I already really wanted a dog, but I was 17 years old until this dream came true. Trixie, a Cairn Terrier bitch, was by my side for many years. Shortly after, in 1978 her big friend the Irish Wolfhound „Ben Bulben of Kinvarra’s Home“, bred in the Netherlands, joined her.


With him, my “career“ as a dog show exhibitor began. Later on we owned two deerhounds and in 1996 Tessa (Ch. Barb Wire v.d. Oelmühle), our first Whippet bitch, joined our family.


Being fascinated by this breed, my husband and I decided to build up a small kennel with the name „High on Emotion“. In 2000, Tessa became the mother of our first litter.


Since then we had 15 litters that emerged some very successful Whippets on dog shows – amongst others: Amazon HoE, the internationally very successful sisters MCh.Blue Velvet and MCh. Blind date HoE, Ch. French Connection, Ch. First Lady, MCh. Gone with the wind, Ch. Jolly Joan and currently Ch. Montague, MCh. Light my Fire, MCh. Mariana HoE and Note d’Amour HoE.


In 1980 I became a member of the DWZRV. Since then I followed the development of Sighthounds and Mediterranean breeds with high interest. I was a member of the DWZRV Board in the position of the Leader of the Breeding Committee from 2005 until 2008.


In 2006 I became a Specialty Judge for the breeds Whippet and Greyhound and later on the breeds Irish Wolfhounds and Deerhounds followed. Since 2012 I am “Group Judge” for the F.C. I. Group 10 and a Specialty Judge for the Mediterranean breeds. It fills me with great pleasure to judge our beautiful dogs either in Germany or in foreign countries.


I am really looking forward to judge the CAC-Show, which is affiliated to the EIWC-Congress. It is remarkable, that this Congress takes place in Germany and it fills me with pride.


I am sure, that the Congress will become a complete success. To the organizers – I wish you nerves of steel and the needed calmness. I hope that the participants will have many inspiring conversations, connect with new friends and last but not least a lot of fun.


Ingrid Krah-Heiermann


Jan Pain / GB

Kennel: Ravensbeech


The Ravensbeech adventure in Wolfhounds started in 1985, with a daughter of the famous Ch Kellybourne Pilot.


We now have reached our tenth generation, with some success and some heartbreak along the way. The 11th generation is “in the pipeline” as I write, in unbroken line to our original foundation bitch. We have a very small, ( and I like to think select !) kennel of normally 5 hounds, but never more than six. Currently living here are four generations, six hounds in total, including 3 veterans, 4 champion adult bitches and one exciting young man.


To date we have bred 9 UK champions, and owned 2 others, the lovely Ch Chater Oriana of R, and the beautiful Ch Conchobar Fancyfree to R. (Fonz), and there have also been Ravensbeech champions in the Netherlands, Norway and two in Slovenia. Fonz was top sighthound in the UK in 2007, and top hound all breeds in 2008, despite only attending fairly local shows as he wasn’t keen on travelling. He retired from the ring in 2008-at the top! Fonz mated to Ch Brittanica produced the top IW in the UK for 2010, Ch R Sabella, like her sire she was a group winner and BIS at Hound Show. Sabella produced Veritas, top puppy in 2010, and now a champion in her own right, making an unbroken line of 6 generations of champion bitches and one CC winner. Brittanica also produced the group winner Ch Fidelia in her second litter, and was top brood bitch for 2013 with 3 UK champion daughters from her two litters. Our 11th generation will be a line breeding to Brittanica, alive and heart clear at 9 ½ years.


I am excited to be judging the UK Irish Wolfhound Club Show in 2015, and my first Championship Show Hound Group at Windsor. Currently I award Challenge Certificates in Irish Wolfhounds, Dachshunds, Grand and Petit BGV, Salukis , Whippets and Cavalier KC spaniels, and have bred champions in Cavaliers and Grand Bassets.


How lucky I have been to judge our wonderful breed in Sweden, Netherlands, France , USA, Finland and once before in Germany, and really look forward to meeting you and your hounds at the EIWC Congress 2016.


Chris Amoo / GB

Kennel Sadé



Chris Amoo was born in Liverpool and maybe because of that fact he became a famous English vocalist, songwriter and producer. A big part of his life belongs to the group: The Real Thing. “You to me are everything” is a song, which probably everybody knows.


Besides the charts, he is – together with his wife Julie - a very successful Irish Wolfhound and Afghan Hound breeder. His interest in Afghans began in 1978. He fell in love with 2 Afghan Hounds and purchased one the very next day – he named him “Oscar”. At that time, he had no thoughts about shows or show dogs. However, he was no stranger in exhibiting animals: He went to a school that had a working farm and a herd of pedigree Jersey cows and Chris competed with these cows at a huge Liverpool show.


His first show dog, an Afghan Hound was Ch. Ashihna Raoul, who had a stunning career: He won BOB at CRUFTS in 1984 and 1985, topping this by winning the hound group in 1985. Chris and his wife started breeding with their foundation bitch Ashihna Charmaine and the Sadé Kennel bred several very successful champions, multi group and BIS winners, including the BIS winner at CRUFTS in 1987 with Ch. Viscount Grant.


Actually, Chris always wanted an Irish Wolfhound. This became possible through Zena Thorn Andrews of the Drakesleat Kennels who entrusted him the fabulous Ch. Drakesleat Odyn when he was 10 weeks old. From that time in 1987 he and his wife have never been without an Irish Wolfhound! Drake became their first Irish Wolfhound champion and was a multi hound group winner. The foundation bitch of Sadé Irish Wolfhounds was Ch. Drakesleat Adyr, who had a great career – she was pup of the year and became a champion at a very young age. The Sadé Kennel is a very successful Afghan Hound and Irish Wolfhound Kennel and bred several champions, multi champions and even CRUFTS-winners.


Both breeds play a big part in Chris and Julie’s life. Chris loves spending a lot of time exercising his Irish Wolfhounds on long walks. He enjoys being with them out in the fields and he loves to see well trained and muscular Wolfhounds in the show ring.


Out of the point of showing and judging dogs, he enjoys to share his life with Irish Wolfhounds because he knows they are fantastic dogs!


The EIWC Congress in 2016 will be a great possibility to see many wonderful dogs. We look forward to the event.




Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich

Altrheinstraße 99

D - 67575 Eich


+49 (0)173 307 1307


Education and Profession

Professional Key Activities

Born on the 22 July 1958 in Mainz

Married with Heide Friedrich

Studies in Psychology and Biology

Professor for Psychology and Criminology

Analysis of extremely violent actions,

especially cases of murder

in the context of investigations

when the offender is unidentified,

in the context of interrogation and questioning

of accused, suspects and witnesses,

in the context of court cases,

in the context of prevention


Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub

since 1980

Deutscher Windhundzucht- und Rennverband

since 2000

Deutscher Doggen Club 1888

since 2005

Working Judge (lPO, FH, BH)

Specialist Breed Judge

since 1990

since 2008

Rottweiler, Australian Cattle Dog,

Greyhound, Whippet, Irish Wolfhound,

Deerhound, Saluki, Sloughi , Azawakh,

Magyar Agär, Pharaoh Hound and some others

App. i. more th, 30 countries and in 5 continents

Best lPO3 - and FHz - Trial

with a Rottweiler

trained by myself


297 Points

100 Points

Großes Hundeführer-Sportabzeichen mit Kranz

of the German Kennel Club (VDH) 1989

President of the

German Kennel Club (VDH)

since 2009

Head of the Breeding Board

of the German Sighthound

Breeding and Racing Society

2008 - 2011


Rottweiler "vom Sternbogen"

together with Elvira and Reinhold Mühle and

Manfred Mayer

"Tahuara's" Greyhounds and Sloughis

Owner: Heide Friedrich (Teamwork)

Günter vom Lehn / GER


My passion for Hounds and in particular for the breed Irish Wolfhound came from an exhibition in Dortmund in the year 1978.


There I saw an Irish Wolfhound for the first time in person. The peace and serenity that these dogs radiated impressed me so much at this time that I arrived very quickly at a decision to turn to this breed.


Very quickly the first Irish Wolfhound moved into my life and many others followed. Fortunately, the entire family shared the fascination for this breed. In 1982 the first litter was born under the kennel name "vom Othetal". This was followed by many wonderful litters and successful dogs.


In my own breeding the quiet nature of the Irish Wolfhounds, coupled with a good self-confidence and especially Commanding Appearance has always been particularly important.


Over the years, also several other breeds found a home with us as our companions such as the Afghan Hound, Borzoi, Deerhound, Greyhound, Galgo Espanol, Cirneco dell'Etna, Podengo Portugues medio and Basenji and West Highland Terrier.


After 20 years accompanied me as an owner and breeder the desire came, to be able to evaluate Irish Wolfhounds as a judge.


I own the judge's license for Irish Wolfhounds and Deerhounds for about 15 years, afterwards the authorizations for the Afghan Hounds, and almost all Mediterranean races were added.


I am very pleased to be able to accompany this very special exhibition as a judge.



Bernd Münstermann / GER


From the beginning of my life with dogs – more than 50 years ago – I have been fascinated by Afghan Hounds and I am until today.


My first sighthound was a white Afghan imported from USA in 1971.In his pedigree he had some well known dogs of the famous Akaba and Grandeur kennels.

1974 we started to breed Afghan Hounds in our kennel „d`el Macao“combining American and European bloodlines.

After 13 litters with some International and National Champions in different European countries the kennel was closed.

Some of our dèl Macao champions have had unique success: Hatari dèl Macao, a daughter of Akabas Blue Ambassador (Owner: Grevelt, Netherlands, kennel el Kharaman) was the very first blue Afghan bitch bred in Germany with the titles International and German Champion.



India dèl Macao, another blue bitch, was successful as well in the show ring as on the racing track – she achieved German champion and is the one and only blue Afghan bitch with the UICL Championship for Beauty and Performance.

Last not least our black beauty Kamara dèl Macao, Top Ten Nr. 1 in 1983, International and National Champion in some European countries, so in France, too, which is one of the most difficult titles to achieve.


Since 1971 I am member of the German sighthound club DWZRV.


I got my specialist breed judge approval in 1978. First for Afghan Hounds, Salukis, IW, Deerhound, later Hungarian Greyhound, the Mediterranians from Group 5 and the „new“ breeds Silken Windsprite, Taigan, Kritikos Lagonikos and Podenco Andaluz, which are national accepted in Germany since January 2015.


Now a Hungarian Greyhound is sharing his life with our family.


It`s a pleasure for me to judge the Silken Windsprite annual Specialty Show 2016 - and the annual Afghan Hound Specialty in summer, too.

Silken Windsprite is such a lovely and interesting breed, I am convinced, this breed will have a successful future in our country!




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