EIWC 2016 - Date  : 26 May 2016 - 29 May 2016 | Location  : Country Estate Earl of Hardenberg - 37176 Nörten-Hardenberg, Germany


    Congress Agenda

    Friday 27.05.2016 / Atrium

    Thank you to all speakers for accepting our invitation to the EIWC Congress 2016.

    We are proud to announce the following Congress Agenda.

    Please do not forget to make your reservations. Thank you.





    12:45 h

    Prof. Dr. Martin Fischer

    Topic: Dogs in Motion





    14:15 h

    Pernille Monberg and Edita Beresova

    Topic: The Irish Wolfhound Longevity Study





    15:15 h

    Per Arne Flatberg and Dr. Maura Lyons

    Topic: Modern pedigree-research with IWDB





    15:45 h

    Coffee break





    16:00 h

    Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich

    Topic: Rethinking Breeding Strategies





    17:00 h

    Outi Piisi-Putta

    Topic: How does the history of our breed exist in today’s Irish Wolfhounds?




    18:00 h

    The Irish Wolfhound Health Group U.K:


    Mr. TN Finney, Chairman of the IWHG,

    Dr. Maura Lyons and Jan Oliver

    will be giving an insight into the current research & developments being undertaken by the Irish Wolfhound Health Group.

    Main Topic: Osteosarcoma project with Nottingham University



    Dr. Frederic Maison

    E.I.W.C. Congress 2018





    No time for a nappy now.

    Hope to see you at “Dinner & Fun”.


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