EIWC 2016 - Date  : 26 May 2016 - 29 May 2016 | Location  : Country Estate Earl of Hardenberg - 37176 Nörten-Hardenberg, Germany




Opening Ceremony

Fotograf © Manuel Tennert,

Barbara Thiel

& Angelika Heydrich










Fotograf © Manuel Tennert,

Barbara Thiel

& Angelika Heydrich











Fotograf © Manuel Tennert,

Barbara Thiel

& Angelika Heydrich








Stonefield Shire Horses – Gentle giants meet Gentle giants

Together with their magnificent horses, Karin Anger and Matthias Marx present a wonderful and unique show program, taking you back into the medieval ages, when women wore beautiful dresses and tamed wild dragons and men went out hunting from the back of their giant horses, accompanied by their faithful dogs. Cardin Tonigold and Christina Kappler will be on their side in order to take cate of their stars Ivanhoe and Legend.

From adorable costumes to classical dressage, from ancient appearances to free dressage performances, …. the biggest horses in the world are multitalented and always good for a surprise. Absolute eye catching, the Stonefield Shires and their riders are a must for all horse and dog lovers, providing the audience with a small but intense insight of strength and power, of impressiveness and magnificence, of magic and mystery, a glimpse into the past, when people depended on the vigor of their horses and the intelligence of their dogs for their own agility and survival.

A show not to be missed and a very special performance at the EIWC Congress Weekend in 2016.

On the occasion of the EIWC Congress 2016 at Nörten-Hardenberg, the "Graham's Spirit" ensemble is proud to present their Irish Wolfhound Formation to a wide audience. Presently still practicing, the formation is happy and excited to be able to perform with numerous dogs, wearing a new "coat" in May.

Six years ago, the "Graham's Spirit" was founded during the "100 Years of IW Breeding in DWZRV, Germany". One IW breeder and about a dozen IW owners teamed up in a then still nameless group with the aim to present their dogs in a new and different style during th European Winners Show in Dortmund in 2010

as well as the Annual IW Show at Donaueschingen taking place in the same year.

Their wonderful choreography, wearing medieval costumes and being accompanied by a perfectly matching musical sound was very well received by the audience. In 2011, they repeated their beautiful performance in a slightly different style in Gelsenkirchen. Since then, some members have left the group, others have freshly joined. Not all members are proud owners of an IW. However, they are united by their love and fondness for these wonderful dogs.

Since the beginning of this year, the group has meet regularly to rehearse the choreography written by Andrea Lange und Marita Steinebachs and to design and stitch up their beautiful costumes. The "Sighthound-Racing-Club Gelsenkirchen" generously provides it's training grounds for these rehearsals as all group members live within a circle of 100 km.

The "Graham's Spirit" are excitedly looking forward to the upcoming performance at Nörten-Hardenberg in May 2016: Ingrid Stegerhoff, Susanne Wiessing, Andrea Debusmann, Uwe Remmers, Martina Romanowski, Karin Störmer, Marita Steinebach, Andrea Lange, Jutta Dutz, Hubert and Christine Weiland, Matthias and Renate Uhlig.


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